Media in NYC Running Operation “Catch a Jew without a Mask”

by Phil Schneider

There are hundreds of areas in the United States that have seen outbreaks of the coronavirus. This deadly virus has killed hundreds of thousands in the United States. The haters realize that this is a sterling chance to take advantage of the situation in order to promote anti-Jewish hatred. After all, hasn’t New York been the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak? Isn’t New York City the city in America that has the most Jews? Well, then the logic goes that the Jews must be the cause of the coronavirus spread. This kind of twisted logic is alive and well. It is based on one thing only – hatred.

There are very few places in the world that are free of Jew hatred. It is so prevalent and so old that it seems built-in to the DNA of many people. This is a mystery that nobody seems to understand. Have the Jews really done so much evil that they deserve so much hatred? Why do some of the same people who claim that China is to blame for the creation and spread of the virus also claim that Jews are responsible for the spread of the virus? The answer is hatred. These haters are as logical as a drunken person espousing political ideas. They are drunk with hate, imbibed in their youth, probably via their families.

Do these people know how many Jewish people are on the frontlines in the United States, Israel, England, and elsewhere in the corona wards in hospitals? How many Jewish researchers are on the cusp of figuring out a vaccine and a treatment for the coronavirus?

But more than anything, what kind of sense does it make that the community that may indeed be suffering the most from the coronavirus is willfully trying to spread the virus to more people? New York is spiraling into an abyss of riots, hatred, and endless recriminations. Anyone who has learned Jewish history ought to know that the Jewish people will ultimately be blamed for things when things get a bit out of control.

Arab Incitement
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