Jewish Progressive hate group is working with terrorists to bring down Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

This is not just any hate group, it is a Jewish Progressive hate group. And they are a threat to both Israel and the Jewish nation.

Jewish Progressive hate group

The Jewish Progressive hate group If Not Now is worse than you think. This video exposes them. Many people may not realize how bad they really are or what they do. To the uninformed, the name of this group makes them seem like a group taking action to do good. If you go to their website, they claim to be “grounded in the values of the Jewish tradition.” How distorted that is. If Not Now is completely twisting the values of Judaism to claim that they are acting moral. Threatening the very existence of the Jewish state, of G-d’s chosen land and chosen people? That does not sound like it is based on anything Jewish.

Their name is based off of Ethics of our Fathers. One of the great sage’s Hillel’s question was “If not now, when?” They have completely perverted that idea and Jewish morals and traditions. They have taken that question out of context and are using it against their own people.

They also claim to be a non-violent organization, but this video proves otherwise. With the facts. With the truth.

Bringing Jews Down from Within

If Not Now is bringing the Jewish people and Israel down from within, and that can be the most dangerous. They disguise themselves and end up getting away with horrific actions.

People need to know the truth. Not only organizations like Birthright, but everyone. Everyone who cares about morals. Everyone who cares about Israel and defending the truth.

This organization is calling for an end to the Jewish state. They literally work with terrorists. How much clearer could it be that they need to be stopped?

Blood Libel
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