Police Go Against Court Decision and Arrest Jews Again for Blowing Shofar

by Avi Abelow

Two days ago, my friends Yehudah Glick and Tom Nisani were arrested for blowing a shofar outside the Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount. The police accused them of committing provocation and violating public order.

Yesterday, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court heard the case and ruled that it is permitted for people to blow the shofar and perform religious rituals at the Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount, rejecting the police claim of provocation and “violating the public order”.

Following the court decision, today, Yehuda Glick and a friend returned to blow the shofar at the Eastern Wall of the Temple Mount. However, once again the police stopped them and detained them, making them return for a repeat court case with the same judge today in court!

Maybe the police thought they would have a different judge?

Regardless, in today’s repeat appearance before the judge, once again, the judge berated the police for ignoring his earlier judgement and acting against the law.

It is extremely sad when it is clear as day that the police and government authorities are not enforcing the law, but going against the law to persecute law-abiding citizens in order to enforce a certain political agenda.

As I emphasized in my past article on their first detainment

We will overcome the evil that exists within the Muslim world and the insanity of our own weak leaders.

We Jews are back home, sovereign in our ancestral homeland. We are not going anywhere, no matter how we are threatened even by our own government and authorities.

50,000 Jews ascended the Temple Mount this year as of last month, a record! The most Jews to ascend the Temple Mount in probably thousands of years. The process of the Jewish people awakening from our galut/diaspora mentality of living in fear of our enemies is in full swing.

Unfortunately, too many Jews still have that galut/diaspora mentality of appeasing our enemies and they don’t understand that the secret to peace in our region is dependent on the Jewish state of Israel having full control, with freedom of worship for all, on the Temple Mount. That won’t instigate world war III, that will end the evil within the Muslim community that believes it can use threats, terror and violence to get what they want. There is only one way to stop a bully – to no longer appease it!!! Yes, our situation is that simple. But, the galut/diaspora mentality is strong within too many of us, Westernized to believe that the best approach is a rational approach to a relgious conflict in the Middle East. It is up to us to leave that galut/diaspora mentality and embrace the indigenous Jewish mentality.

When we embrace our indigenous mentality as the Middle Eastern Jewish people, we will have peace since our Arab Muslim neighbors will know how blessed they are to have the Jewish state of Isreal togehter with the fear of lifting a finger against us.

Dr. Risch

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