Demanding Accountability from the Public Health Agencies

by Etana Hecht

We Have Five Days

The Medical Freedom movement has an extremely sharp tool in our toolbox this week, created and wielded by Dr. Henry Ealy. We still have a justice system in the United States, and citizens who stand together and utilize it properly are exactly the kind of pressure that’s necessary to push back. In order to lend tremendous force to this tool, each person reading this who is motivated to add to the defense of our freedoms should please look through the material presented in this post, and if you support what Dr. Ealy is doing, please sign the Special Grand Jury petition and add your voice as a citizen of the United States.


Dr. Henry Ealy is the founder and executive community director for Energetic Health Institute, and the force behind the website that aims to hold our public officials accountable for their actions, called Beyond the Con.

On March 7, 2022, together with State Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum from Oregon, Dr. Ealy submitted a Grand Jury Petition in the United States District Court of Portland, Oregon. The petition requests to convene a Special Grand Jury for the purpose of investigating allegations of federal crimes. The defendants named in the petition are Robert Redfield, Rochelle Walensky, Alex Azar, Xavier Becerra, and Brian Moyer, and it moves to investigate them in their official positions at public health agencies, as well as the actions they took in an individual capacity.

Dr. Ealy explained the entire complicated process in a fascinating conversation with Dr. Naomi Wolf over at the Daily Clout.

Goals of the Grand Jury Petition

There are three stated goals of the petition which is specifically aimed at individuals who were responsible for the decisions of the health agencies that impacted the lives of hundreds of millions of people:

  1. Hold criminals accountable
  2. Help the injured
  3. Ensure this NEVER happens again

At the end of June, the defendants filed a motion to extend the timeline they had to put together their motion to dismiss. They requested an additional 60 days, and even put their own deadline in the motion to extend- they asked for a deadline of Aug 26, which was granted by the judge. When there was no motion to dismiss filed on Aug 26, Dr. Ealy filed for a default judgment, followed about 10 hours later by the defendant’s motion to dismiss, which was full of typos and made two basic arguments:

  1. The plaintiffs lack “standing” for their grand jury petition – That on its face is a questionable statement, as the plaintiffs are two Oregon Senators and a doctor with legal standing based on the First Amendment right to petition the government for a redress grievances.
  2. The defendants claimed that the original petition wasn’t process served to former CDC director Robert Redfield, who initially authorized many of the illegal Covid policies and signed off on them – The matter in the eyes of the court as it stands currently is that Robert Redfield has been legally served.

Dr. Ealy and his team will be filing a response to the motion to dismiss on Sept 12.

The Allegations

Dr. Ealy and Senators Thatcher and Linthicum are alleging that the named officials engaged in criminal data fraud and willful misconduct regarding death certificates, which culminated in at least 3.5 TRILLION dollars getting allocated to the HHS for Covid purposes and ended up being misappropriated. The fraudulent data was used as the basis to invoke legal mechanisms that made additional funding amounting to billions of dollars available to use for ‘covid-related’ purposes without specific Congressional allocation. Dr. Ealy has spent the last two years following the numbers and the money. He’s written two peer-reviewed studies on this matter, both of which have been used in legal defenses, and neither of which have been successfully refuted by anyone. The allegations made by Dr. Ealy and the Senators follow a chain of events that led to fraud on a scale never seen before:

Part 1: The Theory

In order to bypass Congressional approval of large budgets, an emergency must be in place. In order to justify declaring a state of emergency, there must be serious cause for concern. In order for there to be serious cause for concern, there must be a clear risk to the public, which would include a high death count. In order to ensure a death count high enough to trigger payouts in the trillions – the money had to flow through the system and pave a path of compliance. It was a win-win for most of the medical establishments across the US.

For every hospitalization and/or death classified as caused by Covid, doctors and hospitals received government payouts multiple times what they would have received for non-Covid patients. In exchange, the HHS received an inflated death count high enough to justify the massive budget.

It’s a vicious cycle that resulted in mistreatment of patients, wrongful deaths, and declaration of a state of emergency, which triggered authorization to the star of this entire show – the Covid-19 vaccines – emergency authorized and hurried along by the people named in this Grand Jury Petition.

Part 2: The Evidence

  • Historically, a person’s longest-lasting diagnosis is considered the cause of death when they die. For example, a diabetic who died of infection would always have had diabetes as the cause of death, with the infection considered an “initiating factor”. It’s a subtle, but crucial distinction that was unilaterally changed by the named defendants of this lawsuit, in a document signed by former CDC director Robert Redfield and allowed for significant hyperinflation of the Covid death count.
  • As a result of the above-alleged actions, the HHS created a structure for massive Medicare and Medicaid insurance fraud which led to the misappropriation of 3.5 TRILLION dollars of US taxpayer money, all based on the sleight of hand of a death certificate cause.
  • Dr. Ealy and some of his colleagues have published two peer-reviewed papers about the Covid data. It’s been reviewed by 9 attorneys and a judge for accuracy. An attempt by USA Today to discredit the paper failed, and it stands unrefuted. Dr. Ealy concludes that the range of fraudulent Covid death certificates is between 88.6% – 94.0%.
  • The plaintiffs allege that Becerra and Walensky purposefully covered up data from the public in order to maintain public approval of the vaccine.
  • John Beaudoin is a research data analyst who successfully FOIA’d all of the death certificates in Massachusetts since the year 2015. He put out a full report on the manipulation of death certificates by health agencies and used that report as evidence in a lawsuit he filed against the Governor of Massachusetts and other health agency officials. It was created too late to be included in the original Special Grand Jury petition, but will likely be used as evidence further on in the case
  • Minnesota State Senator Scott Jensen publicly pushed back against the Dept of Health changes in the classification of Covid hospitalizations and deaths. The Minnesota medical licensing board swiftly opened multiple investigations into his medical license, based on “anonymous complaints”. Senator Jensen successfully used Dr. Ealy’s peer-reviewed study to pressure the medical board to drop the charges.

Part 3: Questions Answered

In Dr. Wolf’s conversation with Dr. Ealy, there were multiple moments when it was as though a light bulb went off in Dr. Wolf’s mind. The conversation unfolded in a manner that allowed multiple pieces of the puzzle to fall into place:

  1. The unimaginable sums of money that were poured into the Covid machine through HHS were partly spent ensuring that the machine would continue via high Covid diagnosis counts.
  2. Doctors and hospitals were highly incentivized to classify cases as Covid, in the form of inflated payouts via Medicare and Medicaid designated for Covid care.
  3. Patients were incentivized to go along with a Covid diagnosis because that came along with Medicare and Medicaid coverage for medical bills, and in the case of a death, the funeral costs were covered. Payouts to families who buried someone due to “Covid” were thousands of federal dollars to cover funeral costs.
  4. Doctors who stood up for their Hippocratic oath and treated patients instead of following CDC guidelines were put under tremendous pressure from “medical authorities”.

This is Where You Come In

The next step in this process will be a response filed by Dr. Ealy to the motion to dismiss. He wants that response to be backed by a petition of an ARMY of citizens who strongly support the pushback he’s creating against the people who took our medical freedoms. Please sign the petition, share the petition, and talk about the petition. This case demonstrates huge momentum in this battle, and this one case can make a significant impact. There are already more than 150,000 citizens signed on to this document, and Dr. Ealy would like to get it to one million. We have 5 days to utilize our greatest weapon, which is communication and networking.

The pharmaceutical companies and US federal health agencies have weaponized the Internet to push the biggest propaganda campaign we’ve ever seen. Let’s use their tools against them, and push back with a vengeance. We absolutely have the numbers to push back and with the explosion of new media via Substack, Rumble, Gettr, and other platforms, we have a collective reach that has real power. It’s time for us to use that power, together.

Click here to sign the petition.

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