Rabbi’s In-depth Analysis on witnessing the End of Evil in our Times

by Avi Abelow

In this video class, Rabbi Rietti first explains what evil is by delving into the Biblical tribe of Amalek, which is the Biblical representation of evil, not just in the Torah but for all of eternity.

He then delves into the topic of how we see this evil today in our world and if we are witnessing its demise.

I can not emphasize enough how important it is to watch this video and hear everything Rabbi Rietti has to say.

It is very encouraging to hear a Rabbi connect the Biblical understanding of the Amalek tribe, that represents an evil we are supposed to always destroy, to our reality today.

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti founded an organization in 2009 called Breakthrough Chinuch with the goal of offering a “hands-on” curriculum—to compliment the traditional Chinuch system—for teachers, schools, and homeschooling parents. To achieve this goal, they conduct teacher training, consultation for parents, and live school presentations in the Tri-State area and nationally. Their curriculum focuses on strengthening the children in the areas of Emunah, Tefila, Lashon Hakodesh, Chumash and Taryag Mitzvot. This is achieved with their educational materials that the children interact with “hands-on” and in multiple modalities. 

As written on his website, Rabbi Rietti is a descendant of the Sephardic leader the Ben Ish Chai and son of the famous British actor Robert Rietti, known as ‘The Man of a Thousand Voices’ and ‘King of the Dubbers’. He received his rabbinical diploma from Gateshead Talmudical College, England, after which he helped establish the now flourishing Kollel in Gibraltar. Having received a master’s in education, he has practiced for over thirty years as an educational consultant to parents of gifted children and those with ADD. With Montessori training, he has developed a curriculum which dovetails a Torah education with Montessori methodology.

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