Pete Hegseth explores the terror tunnels found deep into Israel

by Avi Abelow

Fox and Friends co-host Pete Hegseth was recently in Israel and took a personal tour of the Gaza terror tunnels.  Hamas continues to build these terror tunnels to kill Israelis.

A Tour of the Terror Tunnels

An IDF officer gave Hegseth a personal tour of the terror tunnels. He then visited the neighboring town of Sderot, just a stone’s throw away from the Gaza strip. Outside of Sderot he received another personal tour of the Iron Dome anti-missile battery system. Thanks to Iron Dome, Israel is today able to protect innocent Israeli civilians from the Gaza rocket attacks. Hamas began terrorizing Israelis with rockets attacks since 2001, 17 years ago!

When he was asked about the tunnels looking “so small and frightening,” Pete responded with the crux of the matter.  Unfortunately, most media outlets ignore this basic piece of information that underlies the conflict.

Hegseth replied, “They are (small and frightening).”  “But they are used to infiltrate sovereign Israeli soil for radical Islamic terrorists to kill as many innocent civilians that they can.”

Impressions from his Israel Visit

Hegseth continued “That’s part of the reason we were on the ground (in Israel). I just came back from a four day tour of Israel which was sponsored by the National Council of Young Israel and it’s Vice President Joe Frager. While I was there I was able to break away from looking at holy sites in Jerusalem and look at the umbrella of terror that the Israeli people face and how the IDF is taking it on.”

Pete was also asked about the US decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  They asked,” Did he think the move would motivate Hamas to attack Israel even more from down South and the tunnels.”

The Real Issues

Once again, Hegseth displayed a level of clarity and understanding about the situation facing Israel that most other media outlets ignore.

“No, actually it clarifies the situation” replied Hegseth. “I spent a lot of time in Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided capital of Jerusalem… Everyone knew that. The US announcement sort of puts that issue aside, to now be able to talk about the real issues. These Islamists want Israel wiped off the map! They don’t want to negotiate the status of Jerusalem.”

The Lessons for all Media Outlets

If only all media outlets would report these basic facts about our conflict as Hegseth is reporting. Peace by strength is based on reporting the truth, as Hegseth is doing. So long as the media refrains from reporting the basic truths about our conflict, the horrific terror against Israel and innocent Israeli civilians will continue. The media has a key role to fill to stop that terror, but it all depends upon reporting the truth.

We are looking forward to the day when other media outlets report the basic truths about our conflict as Pete Hegseth.

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