Ramming attack in Northern Israeli City of Acco

by Avi Abelow

An Israeli Muslim Arab from the Arab town of Shfaram rammed his car into an Israeli border policeman and then continued to drive and ram his car into two Israeli IDF soldiers. The motive of this ramming attack is still being investigated. If one only watches the second video, one might think it was a bad accident. However, the first video shows clearly that this driver had total intent to harm Israeli soldiers.

“From the initial findings, it’s clear this was a serious event. But we don’t want to come to hasty conclusions at this time,” said Yaniv Ronen, head of the Acre Police.

While the police are yet to come to a conclusion, one of the videos makes it look quite clear. It clearly looks like an intentional terror attack.

UPDATE: The Israeli police have just concluded that the ramming attack was a terrorist attack.

In this first video, we clearly see the driver drive off the street to ram the IDF soldiers. He then reverses and drives in a circle to then again ram into the soldiers.

The attacker also rammed into a 51 year old man.  That was not caught on videotape.

Thank G-d, all four of the Israelis are only slightly injured due to this ramming attack.

Acco, Israel

This recent ramming attack took place in the mixed Jewish-Muslim Israeli city of Acco, in Northern Israel. The Israeli city of Acco is a sample of the coexistence that exists in Israel between Jews and Muslims. Terror attacks like this are not just an attack on innocent Israelis, but also an attack on our coexistence.

The Injured

The injured Israelis were taken to the Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya.

The Israeli Muslim Arab terrorist who did the ramming attack was shot and critically injured.

Ramming Attacks

For years, Israeli and Palestinian Authority Arab Muslims have used cars as a terror weapon to kill and injure innocent Israelis.

Throughout those years of car ramming attacks, the world sat in silence. Since then the ramming attacks have been used by Muslim terrorists across Europe and even in the USA. If only the world would have stood shoulder to shoulder with Israel against the Muslim ramming terror attacks years ago. But alas, they did not.

The Muslim terror that Israel faces is the same Muslim terror that the freedom loving world is facing. We must all come together publicly to stop this terror everywhere. No innocent civilians anywhere should have to fear cars and trucks used as terror weapons on the streets.

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