Muslim Arab reveals what he really thinks about Israel

by Avi Abelow

Khaled Abu Toameh is an Israeli Muslim Arab journalist, lecturer and documentary filmmaker. His lecture began with these words – “I am an Israeli Arab Muslim.”  However, Toameh is not afraid to report the truth to the world.  He often points out human rights abuses and injustices of the Palestinian Authority.  He worked for NBC, BBC, and many mainstream media outlets.  This puts him in a unique place to comment on media coverage in Israel.

Failing Grade for Publications

Publications today do NOT report the truth about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. If you look at any article, Israel is always reported as the bad guy, no matter what horrors the Palestinian Authority are doing.

The Palestinian Authority screams “apartheid“, and the Western media reports it. The sad irony is that it is the Palestinian Authority that practices apartheid against Jews.  On the other hand, Israel provides full freedom, equality, and medical care to all. Jews, Christians, Muslims and all minorities receive the same services from Israel.

As Khaled Abu Toameh says himself: “The Western publications don’t want to publish many of my stories.  Why? Because the stories don’t reflect negatively on Israel.”

This is a horrific indictment of journalism today.  This is why we can’t trust the reporting on Israel by any of the mainstream media sources.

Recent Examples of Khaled’s Focus

Here are some recent tweets of his, putting focus on critical issues that the mainstream media refuse to report!

With regards to his take on the peace process, his analysis is very simple.  He places much of the blame placed on the Palestinian Authority.  It is extremely sad that mainstream media prefer to ignore this important and authentic Muslim Arab voice.

“Obstacle number one is the absence of education to peace with Israel, which never really existed.”

“obstacle number two is the absence of leadership on the palestinian Arab side that is authorized to sign an agreement with Israel”

“These are the two major reasons why in the past we did not move forward with any peace process… why we are unlikely to move forward with any peace process in the near future.”

Tomeh points out that he has not found one Palestinian leader who will speak in Arabic and speak about real peace.

Often, we need to listen to spokesmen from the other side.  They speak and understand Arabic.

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