Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Hired a Deputy Connected to Hamas

by Avi Abelow

This is a very troubling development. Can this be tied to Scott Israel and his deep-seated connection to the Democratic party?  The Democratic Party stubbornly holds on to the belief in Islamophobia.  

The Truth About CAIR

Residents of Broward County, residents of Florida, and all US citizens, should be up in arms! What in the world is going on in America today?

Nezar Hamze, a Deputy in the Broward County Sherriff Department, is a representative of CAIR Florida. CAIR is the Council of American Islamic Relations. The US government labeled CAIR “an unindicted co-conspirator” in the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial.  The trial is a Hamas financing case.   This would result in the FBI ceasing its working relationship with CAIR.

Obama and CAIR

President Obama had an open door policy for CAIR officials to the White House.  Is this so bad?  Yes. CAIR is  the umbrella organization of all the Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the USA. Does that make any sense to give them access to the White House? CAIR is connected to Hamas and also is the American front for the Muslim Brotherhood organization. As a result, CAIR’s goal for America is to turn the USA into a Muslim country through cultural jihad. Anyone can read the English translation of their own documentation right here.

Should a representative of CAIR be a Deputy in a US Sheriff’s department?

Nezar and Scott Israel

In the following video, watch CAIR representative, now Broward County Deputy Sheriff, Nezar Hamze.  He speaks inside of a Broward County Mosque praising Sheriff Scott Israel, while introducing the Sheriff to speak to the Muslim congregation.

Its a good thing to fear Islam because the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR are very dangerous.  They aspire to turn the USA into a Muslim country.  It’s a real, authentic fear! Don’t let the screams of “Islamophobia” stop you.  Call out the dangers that Islam poses to the USA and the freedom loving world.


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