The diverse and powerful music festival that unites the City of Gold

by Michael Sax

Mekudeshet – A Summer Music Festival

This lively music festival is held in Jerusalem. But it’s not your standard summer festival. The many artists perform songs that are inspired by Jerusalem. To them, their desire is to create art from as it is reflected in reality. And also influence reality.


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Some events are held near Jaffa Gate. For example, Gan Mitchell and the Tower of David. The Harp of David is at Mount Zion, which is a short walk from the Mamilla parking lot.

Mamilla and summer events

Mamilla dates back a long time. A very long time. The Mamilla pool dates to the Roman period and was probably builr by Herod the Great. It can hold 30,000 cubic meters. Furthermore, an underground channel ran between it and Hezekiah’s pool. In modern times, Jews lived there in the middle of the 20th century. After the Partition Plan was approved in 1947, Arabs ransacked and destroyed parts of the area. They also stabbed some of the Jews in terror attacks.

There are many summer events in Jerusalem. Some popular events include: The Old City Train – a train ride from Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall. Furthermore, he Jerusalem Time Elevator will take you on a historical journey to learn about Jerusalem’s past. Another place that is very important is Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Memorial. It contains exhibits explaining what happened, as well as partial records of those who were slaughtered. The Herzl museum has an awe-inspiring view of the accomplishments of Israel. Herlz refers to Theodore Herzl, who is widely regarded to be the founder of modern political Zionism. The City of David is a must-see! It is an archaeological site. It dates back to the time of King David. The place also has artifacts from that time. You can even walk through archaeological digs and literally see history right in front of you.

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