Venezuelans Happy With Netanyahu. Want to restore ties with Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli PM joined the USA, Canada and other Western countries in recognizing Venezualan’s opposition leader as the leader of Venezuela. In response a leader of the Venezuala opposition issued the following video message thanking PM Netanyahu and looking to restore ties with Israel. More countries should be creating ties with Israel. Israel has contributed more to the world than most people realize! Who wouldn’t want to benefit?

Ties with Israel

Senior figure in Venezuela Opposition, Maria Corina, wants to join the bandwagon and create diplomatic ties with Israel. She recognizes the positive effects of doing that. In this video, she also addresses how valuable the Jewish community is for Venezuela (and really the world at large). The contributions they have made are indispensable!

Other Countries are Doing the Same

Other countries have also recently made diplomatic ties with Israel. Like Brazil. It seems that just maybe, more people are seeing the true colors of Israel.

Israel is a free, democratic state. They love peace, not war. They represent the values of the free world. And the more countries and leaders who realize that, the more these positive relationships will be built.

Israel Offers so Much to the World

Israel gives and gives. Their inventions and medical breakthroughs are amazing. And aside from all they have contributed in that area, they also give to those in need. When tragedy strikes worldwide, Israel is there to save the day, as seen most recently in a dam collapse in Brazil.

Israel is definitely a good friend to have.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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