White supremacists and pro-Palestine supporters are the same, and it’s frightening

by Leah Rosenberg

This is what being pro-Palestine is. Those people hold the exact same views as white supremacists. Anyone who doesn’t realize that is blind to the truth.


The progressive world believes that being pro-Palestine is a good thing. They feel that they are standing up for the rights of the “oppressed.” Firstly, the “Palestinians” are only oppressed by their own leaders. There has been proof time and time again. Israel is the democracy, and areas controlled by the “Palestinian” Authority are the farthest thing from democracy. Secondly, those who are pro-Palestine are also pro the Holocaust. They want all Jews dead. And they love Hitler. JUST like white supremacists.

This video perfectly shows how beliefs held by white supremacists and those who are pro-Palestine are exactly the same. If it was not obvious enough before, it should be pretty obvious now.


SJP, or Students for Justice in Palestine, is the college campus group represented in this video. Is this not frightening that this is what is allowed on college campuses? Such vile hate? SJP paints themselves as defenders of human rights. That image could not be farther from the truth. These students are not pro anyone’s rights. They are just anti-semitic. They represent hate. Indeed, that is exactly what white supremacists represent as well.

Wake up everyone! Will you choose to see the truth?

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