PA president lays out his plan for “peace”

by Leah Rosenberg

The PA president Mahmoud Abbas is not known for his soft rhetoric. In fact, he is quite graphic in the way he describes what he wants to do to Israel.

PA President Doesn’t Lie

The PA president is not trying to hide the truth, so why does the world defend him? How can anyone in the world possibly try to convince Israel to make peace with murderers? Mahmoud Abbas is most definitely not a peace partner.

He wants to murder the Jewish people. He wants to destroy Israel. Mahmoud Abbas wants to “spill blood” on the streets of Jerusalem. That is his plan for peace. The world is so set on creating peace between Israelis and “Palestinians,” but that cannot happen when the leader of the “Palestinians” pays terrorists to murder innocent Jews. In what world is that considered a peaceful endeavor?

Jewish Piousness vs. PA Piousness

And here is a stark difference between the values in Judaism and in much of the “Palestinian” Arab world. In Judaism, doing acts of kindness, giving charity, treating others with respect – those are considered pious acts. Murdering is considered an evil deed which is punishable according to Jewish law and the law of the state of Israel.

In the world of the PA president and many “Palestinians,” murder is considered a positive thing. It is righteous. You will be rewarded – in this world and the next – according to their cruel belief system.

The lives and the laws of the Jews and the “Palestinian” Arabs are polar opposite. They cannot coexist. And until the law of the “Palestinians” change, there will be no complete coexistence. It is impossible.

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