Christian leader answers the most heated question of our time

by Leah Rosenberg

CUFI Founder and Chairman Pastor John Hagee has a message for Christians. And from a Christian leader like Pastor Hagee, this holds great importance.

Christian Leader Broadcasts Truth

Maybe many Christians already knew what Pastor Hagee said, but it is obvious that many did not. Otherwise, a Christian leader like him would not have made a video broadcasting such a message to his Christian followers.

The problem is that even people who say they believe in the Bible and G-d choose to deny the truth about Israel. They brush over what G-d says and what He wants regarding the Jewish people. And Pastor Hagee wants those people to know that you cannot deny the Bible and G-d like that. It is anti-Christian!

Winston Churchill said, “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened” (Forbes).

Lack of Information?

It seems impossible that in today’s world where information is so readily available that people have never come across the truth about Israel. It seems impossible that they have never heard what the Bible says or that they have never seen it with their own eyes.

It’s true – maybe the lies are more blaring. Maybe you have to open your heart and your ears to the truth. Maybe you need to seek guidance from a religious leader. But it is most definitely available. So, Pastor Hagee is telling you: G-d owns Israel. G-d gave Israel to the Jewish people. Look to the Bible for guidance and truth. The Bible will not mislead you.

Knowing the Truth and Sharing it

It is one thing to know the truth internally. It is another thing to share it. And especially if you are a person who has the ability to influence many others, it is even more important to share the truth publicly. You never know whose mind you can change and who you can convince to finally see the truth.

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