One of the Most Important Sites in Ancient and Modern Jerusalem

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is filled with archaeological treasures. Ramat Rachel, a Kibbutz, is one place where ancient and modern Jerusalem meet!

When Modern Jerusalem Meets Ancient Archaeology

People from all over the world visit Israel. Some come specifically to visit Jerusalem. But modern Jerusalem has so much more to it than many realize. It is not only the city that houses the Western Wall. There is so much archaeology – and not only near the Western Wall or in the City of David. This video shows the amazing findings in Kibbutz Ramat Rachel.

What is so fascinating is the way that the archaeology and the Bible match up. All of it is part of the history of Israel and part of the truth that the world loves to deny.

The messages from the Bible are extremely relevant for today as well. The Bible is timeless. It is not just a history book that we can learn things about the past from. It is our guide for life today in the world we live in.

And that’s what is so special about Israel. You walk on the land where the Bible comes to life and guides you. It’s tangible. It’s real. And it’s amazing.

Is Israel Independent?

Eve Harrow, the guide in this video, brings up a very important topic: Is Israel really independent? We have our own Jewish state. We have our own government. But are we so pressured by the outside world and other countries that maybe we aren’t fully in control of the decisions we make? What would Israel look like if it ignored the pressures of the outside world?

It might look very different.

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