British Man Deserves Medal for Shutting Down Anti-Israel Protesters (Language Warning)

by Phil Schneider

Yes, it is fashionable today to hate Israel and call Israel a bunch of occupiers who are committing genocide. It is absolutely amazing that this is the case, but it is an accurate reflection of the reality of the world today. Young people today are not educated about the basic history of Israel and the Arabs in the Middle East.

Many progressives today actually are not Israel haters. But, there is a tremendous amount of cross-fake-idealism going on today between progressives. The same people who feel that black people have been treated unfairly for centuries and continue to be treated unfairly today feel that so-called “palestinians” are the same thing – but in the Middle East. The same people who think that Donald Trump was a cancer in the Oval Office think that Benjamin Netanyahu is the Israeli equivalent, and therefore must be treated as an evil person.

But the truth is that the Hamas and Palestinian Authority are much more like ISIS and other terrorist entities than they are like any other group in the Western world. Everything in the Middle East is different. The message needs to be said loud and clear that we must not just follow that which is fashionable. We must understand that the haters in the world are the same people who are expressing anti-Israel views, and who support violent acts. And yes, these people are now well represented in Congress and they are growing. We must help turn anti-Israel activities into a non-fashionable activity.

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