This Might just be the Rarest Discovery in the Entire Land of Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The land of Israel is full of surprises. It seems that the discoveries from ancient times are never-ending, and it’s amazing!

The Land of Israel is Filled with History

The world doesn’t realize it. Or they realize it, but they completely ignore it. The land of Israel if filled with rich history. It’s not like there are just one or two discoveries that tell a story about the past. It’s not like it’s just one or two excavations that uncover artifacts. The entire land is filled with archaeology. Not even just Jerusalem!

And sometimes, rare finds like these are discovered – a bronze oil lamp dating back to the Roman period. It is mind-blowing to see an artifact from centuries and centuries ago. It makes you wonder if these people knew that someone would discover their possessions thousands of years later.

The Truth

Israel is the home to constant archaeological discoveries. It is history that matches up with the Bible. It is history that reveals the truth. The truth is so obvious, and it makes you wonder why people don’t see it.

Maybe there are those in the world who really are unaware of the story of Israel. And if so, they should learn history. They should learn about the modern findings of ancient times. Maybe, just maybe, a few more people will come to see the truth about Israel and its rich history instead of blindly siding against the Jewish state. It’s amazing what you can learn if you just dig a little deeper…

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