Muslim Brotherhood Member Slaps Woman in Parliament Meeting

by Leah Rosenberg

Welcome to the way the Muslim Brotherhood treats women. They are not “moderate” in any sense of the word. This should NEVER happen.

Muslim Brotherhood

This video is being pointed out by Sarah Idan, former Miss Iraq. She knows the dangers of oppressive Arabs firsthand. Idan is pointing out how the Muslim Brotherhood treats women in the Middle East. When someone criticizes a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, this is the response: Violence. Can you imagine a parliament member in Europe hitting a woman who didn’t agree with him? That is not how civilized societies act. That is not how the Western World acts.

These people are not “reformers” or “freedom fighters,” as Sarah Idan points out. They are lying to the West, and the West should be aware enough to realize that.

All those human rights groups who want to stand up for women’s rights should stand up here. All those human rights groups who want governments to be fair and treat people equally should stand up here. We are waiting for you.

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