Israel Declares: “Iran Chose War,” But Does Anybody Care?

by David Mark

Israel has kept up its international pressure on Iran, warning that it plans on defending itself against Iranian aggression whether or not the US signs a nuclear accord with the Mullahs in Tehran.

The fact is, the Iranians have for years relied on the West’s decline in order to push forward towards nuclear breakout and hegemony. The world’s insatiable need for cheap energy means that Iran is indispensable as an energy exporter. China itself needs inexpensive Iranian oil and gas to fuel its economy.

Interestingly enough, the Biden administration who has attacked America’s own energy independence through new regulations and scrapping the controversial Keystone Pipeline has pushed for Iran’s oil to be back on the market. What about Biden’s clean energy excuse for shutting down America’s energy independence?

While Israel’s position in connection with the Sunni Arab Gulf states has been transformed mainly due to the expanding Iranian threat, its ability to influence Biden’s stance or any of the Western European countries that have relations with Iran has grown weaker.

True, both Biden and Merkel have expressed their stalwart opposition to Iran getting a nuke, but their deeds have shown the opposite. More interested in wooing Iran back into the revamped 2015 nuclear accord, Germany and America as well as others view Israel and its Gulf allies as expendable.

The coming confrontation with Iran is building up within a broader context of a rising China, aggressive Russia, and most importantly a declining USA, apparently content at pulling back from world leadership as it culturally dismantles itself.

Given all of this, it is no wonder that Israel is quickly preparing to take on Iran by itself.

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