Not to be an Alarmist, but the Jewish People outside of Israel Must Examine Reality

by Hillel Fuld

It’s not like me to be an alarmist, but I’ve been thinking about something for months, maybe years, and as time passes, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the worst-case scenario is about to happen.

The Jewish people outside of Israel should really step back and examine their reality.

There are just too many things happening at once that point to the fact that sh_t is about to hit the fan.

This isn’t new. It’s been going on for years, escalation after escalation. But over the past few months, it has truly reached the point of no return.

It’s just too much to ignore.

The antisemitism on Twitter is nothing new. Far from it. In fact, the founder and former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey tweeted me directly that his team will handle the abuse I am seeing on the platform. That was many years ago. Not much has changed.

I know you’ve probably heard about it and if you’re on Twitter, maybe you’ve experienced it but to just illustrate how bad it is, on every Yom Hazikaron (Memorial Day) since Ari was murdered, I get endless repulsive tweets.

To name one of hundreds, someone on Twitter sent me a picture of Ari with flames coming out of him and blood everywhere. He captioned the pictured “May he rest in piss.”

So antisemitism is not new. It’s been here for centuries. Antisemitism online is also not new. But till recently, it was frowned upon and not mainstream in any way.

Then came the antisemitism in congress. The famous “Squad” who likes to disguise their Jew hatred by calling it Anti Zionism.

Let’s just pause here for a second.

Saying that anti Zionism is not antisemitism is a ridiculous claim. Can one criticize the Israeli government and its policies without being antisemitic? Of course!

Can someone deny the validity of Zionism, which is the belief that after thousands of years, the Jews deserve to come home to their homeland without being antisemitic?

No. Just no. You cannot claim the Jews don’t deserve a home without hating Jews.

Period. Full stop. End of story.

So now they’re is full blown antisemitism in congress. Ok, but those three were not viewed as mainstream and had little influence. Not really, but ok, let’s go with it.

Fast forward to 2022.

The most iconic and successful singer, entertainer, and business man we’ve seen in decades goes full blown Jew hater right in front of cameras.

He begins to lose his influence and his money. He doubles down instead of backing away. He loses more. And more. And more. And he keeps standing his ground with the claim “But it’s true!”

Many things are true. That doesn’t mean they need to be said to spread more hated.

So that’s Kanye. If you think this won’t have backlash in the form of “Well I guess he was right that the Jews have too much influence. Look what happened to him!” then you are kidding yourself. It’s already starting.

Then comes Kyrie Irving, one of the most loved NBA players. He goes and shares a link to a full blown antisemitic movie. “I wasn’t promoting it. I just shared it.” Really? Would that argument hold up if I was “Just sharing” a racist movie or a sexist one? No, it would not and everyone knows it.

And so, Kyrie gets canceled. Expect more backlash from that.

Then enter geo politics.

Israel, “The apartheid state”. What people don’t realize is the danger not of the people who are spreading those lies. The real danger are the people who know zero about Israel. They keep hearing these lies over and over. Smart people spreading absolute lies about Israel. Millions of people know nothing about this spectacular country other than what they see on Twitter, on CNN, at the UN, and in congress.

Ukraine? Israel, according to Ukraine and its ally, America, is not doing its part. That’s explosive. Lot of hatred around this…

Then throw in the recent Israeli elections. America is expressing blatant dissatisfaction with the fact that Ben Gvir was elected.

Who the actual heck asked them?

Add that to the boiling pot.

Then there is Iran. And America’s foreign aid to Israel. And on and on.

Oh, and let’s not forget that the extreme left and extreme right have ZERO in common. Except one thing. Jew hatred. They share that in common.

The list of reasons to hate the Jews is getting longer and longer by the day.

People, Jews are literally being beaten on the streets!

All that to say, I am scared. I am scared for my brothers and sisters in the US, in Europe, and well, anywhere else except Israel.

It’s easy for me to say this because my parents brought me here as a teenager but I would like to believe that had they not, I would have ended up here anyway.

But still, I have to say it because it needs to be said.

Get. Out. Of. There. Now!

Come home, people.

You might feel safe for the time being but read the writing on the wall.

Someone recently framed it well.

In America, you can succeed despite being a Jew. In Israel, you can succeed because you’re a Jew.

This is home and no matter what the squad or Biden think of us, we are here and will always be here welcoming you with open arms.

But don’t kid yourself. The pot is about to boil over!

Originally published on Facebook.

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