Democrats are Shocked by What This Democratic NYC Councilman is Doing

by Phil Schneider

What matters more to people in New York City today – inflation or crime? The answer is not clear. But these two issues are paramount in people’s minds as they go to the voting booth. The Democrat leadership of New York City has clearly failed on the crime issue – much in the way that the Democrat leadership has failed Chicago, Baltimore, and other cities across the USA.

But isn’t New York city such a Democrat city that it would be impossible for a Republican to win the New York State gubernatorial nomination? The answer is no. Actually, most of New York State leans Republican. It is New York City that votes overwhelmingly Democrat – usually.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, enough New Yorkers were sick and tired of the crime waves that swept through the city, and Rudy Giuliani was voted in to clean up the city. He succeeded – big time. George Pataki, another Republican won the governor race too. There are enough stars lined up today in order for this to repeat.

The take down line in this interview was that Gov. Hochul should win the award for Florida realtor of the year because her policies have led so many New Yorkers to move down to Florida. Anybody who lives in the New York Tri-State area knows that this is a real trend, just as their is a real trend of Californians moving to Texas and Florida.

The subway in New York is not merely a vital part of the New York transportation system. It is the main artery that keeps the entire city ticking and working at the amazing levels of productivity. The crime wave in the subway system has slowed down the activity in the city much in the way that people working at home following the coronavirus epidemic has affected productivity in a negative manner.

The city crime wave is so tangible that the Democrat councilman laughs at the Democrat attitude that tries to minimize the crime wave as if it is merely a scare tactic of the Republicans. Nothing changes people’s political leanings more than when they feel their safety is threatened.

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