Israel’s Leadership Makes It Clear: No “Palestinian” State

by David Mark

As Israel makes tremendous gains in Gaza, the Biden administration has been pressuring Israel to state clearly that it intends to hand over Gaza to either the Palestinian Authority or an International Coalition. Bennett gave a clear answer.

“We have tried that already, and it failed.” The former Prime Minister was clear in his interview that Israelis from all sides agree that the PA and others should not be in charge of security in Gaza. So who will be?

Although it is very early on, it is becoming clearer that Israel will most probably stay in Gaza as Prime Minister Netanyahu said: “Indefinitely.”

This is where the clash is with the Biden administration. The White House rushed to give Israel aid, but it was clear that the supplies were meant to be used the way Biden’s team intended – to clean out Hamas and hand over the strip to Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah run Palestinian Authority.

The assumption from the Biden team is that Israel will do what it always has done and just simply comply. However, Israel is not doing that – it is finally learning to stand up for itself.

Israel removed every Jew, IDF soldier, and military installation from Gaza Strip in 2005 and in 2007 Hamas was elected by the citizens of Gaza fully knowing that Israel will have not choice but to place a blockade on the territory. Since then Hamas has ruled the strip and the PA has run cover for them out of Ramallah.

Israelis from to the left are tired of the failed policy of making another terror state. There is a wide consensus that a PA State in Gaza and a Two-Solution will be the end of Israel.

Western leaders like the US and England are in disagreement with Israel concerning Gaza post war as can be evidenced at the G-7.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said on Wednesday that Israel cannot run Gaza, but there may be a transition period following the end of the current conflict. “Gaza cannot be continued to be run by Hamas. That simply invites repetition of October 7 … It’s also clear that Israel cannot occupy Gaza,” Blinken told reporters after a G7 foreign ministers meeting in Tokyo. “Now, the reality is that there may be a need for some transition period at the end of the conflict … We don’t see a reoccupation and what I’ve heard from Israeli leaders, is that they have no intent to reoccupy Gaza.”

England’s foreign minister said a similar statement: “In the short term, it is inevitable that Israel, because they have the troops in Gaza, will need to have a security responsibility,” Cleverly said at the G7 summit in Japan. “But our view is as soon as practicable, a move towards a peace-loving Palestinian leadership is the most desired outcome.”

While the war could be months before it finishes and there is also the issue with Hezbollah to Israel’s North, the die is cast – Israel and the current leadership of many countries in the West are heading towards a collision course over Gaza and will not be pretty.

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