Bibi Warns the World’s Foreign Ministers: Europe Will be Next

by Phil Schneider

How many European ambassadors and people in Europe really believe that Europe is next? The answer is that a pitifully small number of people in Europe actually think that the radical Muslim theology threatens the entire world. Of course, Netanyahu is right. Of course, that is the plan of radical Muslims who take their orders from Iran. You simply need to listen to what they say. They don’t hide their intentions. They say it out loud – in Arabic.

Growing up in America in the 70’s and the 80’s, one did not feel the threat of the Muslim minority outside of a few suburbs of Detroit and a few areas in big cities. And even there, it was not a very threatening minority. The Arab immigrants were assimilating into American culture in one way or another. But today, the Muslim immigrants are different – both in Europe and America.

They have no intention to become American or European. They simply want to go to the place where they can receive the most free stuff and build up till they can elect themselves into power. Sweden, Belgium, England, and other countries are already dealing with the challenges of growing minorities that will rise up one day like they did in Israel. They will not rise up peacefully, but violently. Then, they will each have their own Oct. 7th wakeup call. It will be a rude awakening. By that point, it will either be too late and the country will already change into a completely different Muslim copuntry – democratically. Or, it will lead to a massive civil war that will rip apart the country. Either way, the future is bleak.

Hamas was democeratically elected into power – once. One election was all they needed to usurp power and turn all of their power into a powerful terror state with billions of UNRWA dollars and Iranian weapons. All of the money was donated by US and European taxpayers. Appeasement has never worked when dealing with barabarians. Throwing money at them for “humanitarian purposes” created hospitals with intricate terror centers beneath the ground of the hospitals. It took hundreds of millions of dollars in humanitarian support to create the tunnels and underground terror bunkers.

Anyone who truly cares about the next generation of Jews in Israel, the next generation of European children, and yes, the next generation of Arabs, needs to support Israel’s complete destruction of the entire Hamas terrorist infrastructure.

Israel will never again leave their security in the hands of Arabs. No part of the Land of Israel can ever be handed over to any Arab group if we want to avert a future massacre of Jews. Today, more than 90% of the Jews in Israel know this and the debate is over.

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