This Stunning Song is a Plea to G-d That Will Bring You to Tears

by Leah Rosenberg

When you have a plea to G-d in the form of a song, it’s very powerful. It will stir your soul. We are begging G-d to save us!

A Plea to G-d – Ana Hashem Anenu

Jewish singers Ari Goldwag and Yitzy Kaplowitz created something beautiful here. Especially right now in the time we are in, the Jewish people are praying extra hard. We are begging G-d to save us. We are begging G-d to bring home our captives who were dragged into Gaza by Hamas. It’s painful. It’s horrifying.

We can use that pain to call out to G-d. We can turn that pain into a prayer. We can turn that pain into a plea to G-d to please redeem us and rescue us. This song is powerful if you listen to the words and understand them. The translation of the Hebrew lyrics is:

King of the worlds save us please
Redeemer from captivity and Savior give us success
Powerful Redeemer answer us on the day we call
Please Hashem (G-d) save us
Please Hashem (G-d) give us success.

When we sing songs like this one with such holy words, it is more than just music. This type of music has power. Every prayer makes a difference. Every plea to G-d matters. We don’t know how much impact ours words have. Keep praying. Keep singing to G-d. Keep begging Him to bring our captives home, to keep our soldiers safe, and to bring the final redemption. Please G-d: We are calling out to only You.

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