New York Times Launches First Trial (Cartoon) Balloon

by Zahava Englard Shapiro

The New York Times hate-filled political cartoon presenting the Jew, Prime Minister Netanyahu in the form of a Dachshund, outrageously depicting him as a Nazi, and in control over President Trump, was not a mistake. It was a trial balloon to gauge public opinion. 

Although deleted, well after the damage was already done, there was no credible apology from the New York Times. There was a feeble explanation alluding to a supposed oversight, a lone wolf scenario that they are “investigating”. This, coming from a news publication that consistently vilifies Israel. So no, I don’t buy it.

With a history of twisting the facts where Israel is concerned to a completely altered pablum of anti-Israel leftist drivel for the purpose of spoonfeeding Jew-hatred to the masses, the recent New York Times’ Der Sturmer style caricature of Prime Minister Netanyahu was an inevitable outcome.

And there will be more to follow, because clearly the outcry against the anti-Jew tropes was not severe enough. And in the absence of serious consequences, other publications will follow suit.

In any event, we are past the point of apologies. The writing is no longer on the wall for American Jews, it’s on the lips of prominent politicians, members of congress, and presidential hopefulls of the democratic party. It’s in the violent bullying of pro Israel Jews throughout university campuses, it’s in the attacks of Jews in the street, and it’s in the shooting attacks in synogogues. 

The once “goldeneh medina” for Jews escaping the pogroms of Europe at the turn of the 20th century is quickly losing its luster. The dream to be free of persecution has popped, and presently the familiar nightmare begins in a country that was believed by millions of Jews to be impervious to the level of Jew-hatred experienced in the cesspools of Europe and beyond ever since the Romans destroyed our second Temple in Jerusalem in 67 AD.

It’s over folks. We had a good run but the good times for the Jewish people in America are over. And really, the direction from where the Jew-hatred comes doesn’t matter. Left, right, secular, religious, the consequences are all the same. Evil is evil. It has no allegiance to any one political affiliation. Evil is loyal to evil. No hatred on earth has ever merited such manic devotion as much as Jew-hatred. It is a feverish lust that burns so strong that continents are willing to turn a blind eye to the ever encroaching threat of Islamic Jihad on their own civilization, just to satiate their eternal, all-consuming desire of destroying the Jews.

With Yom HaShoah just days away, the irony of “never again” is not lost, though the lessons of the Holocaust are tragically discarded. Undoubtedly, with the current global resurgence of aggressive Jew-hatred, we are on the precipice of it happening again in one form or another. To have ever believed that it would never hit the United States was seriously naive.

There is one difference, however. My fellow Jews in the U.S., you have the choice to come home to Israel, where you belong, where your people will embrace you, where you can live as proud and free Jews, and where the future of our nation and the defense of our people is in our own hands.

Or, you can stubbornly deny your rightful heritage and continue to refuse your true destiny in our Land of Israel, clinging instead to the thought that things in the diaspora will get better, and maybe, if you prove you can hate Israel as much as they do they might like you better. Good luck with that.

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