New US Ambassador to the UN gives speech that will make every Christian and Jew proud

by Avi Abelow

Kelly Craft just gave the United Nations a piece of her mind. In her first speech at the UN, she showed them how she plans to approach topics on Israel.

Kelly Craft Has it SO Right!

Kelly Craft discussed Israel in her first speech at the United Nations. And she explained that she will stand by Israel. Not only is Israel a strong ally of the United States, but they stand for everything that the US stands for. Israel gives equal rights to people of all religions and faith. Israel is an innovative society that has given so much good to the world. The fact that the UN ignores all of that is mind-boggling, but Craft made it clear that she will NOT let the UN ignored what is important.

What Countries in the UN Should Do

The new US Ambassador to the UN told countries who wish to condemn Israel what they REALLY should do. As she said, “There are many nations eager to condemn Israel that should instead study its resolve, study its constant efforts toward making the country stand as first among equals to any of the modern world, and study its benevolent pursuits of arts and sciences.” Kelly Craft believes that people will then understand the truth about Israel and how much they have to offer to the world. Maybe then nations will see that Israel is in fact a democracy and not an evil country like many want to think.

Hopefully, Craft will accomplish great things at the UN like Nikki Haley did – not only for Israel, but for the world at large.

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