Hasidic Jews rock out in Union Square station in NY, and New Yorkers can’t get enough!

by Chaya Cikk

The Hasidic Jews are playing some awesome music in Union Square station in New York. It’s absolutely amazing to see all these people dancing together. What a wonderful way to show unity!

Hasidic Jews

There are many different sects within Judaism. Hasidic Judaism originated from Ukraine and the Baal Shem Tov, Israel Ben Eliezer is known as the founding father. Hasidic Jews are generous and appreciate songs. They are a movement of love, joy, and humility. Hasidim tend to wear long coats and the big hats known as streimals. But just remember a Jew is a Jew no matter what they may be wearing.

Am Yisroel Chai

Such a wonderful song that has so much meaning and is sung in many different places. The Nation of Israel has suffered throughout the centuries. The Jews have been exiled, there have been crusades, there was the Holocaust. There have been many times when the survival of the Jewish People was questionable. But yet, even after all the persecution, the Jewish People are still here. The Nation of Israel lives on!

Additionally, this is a well-known song throughout the world. Since so many people know the song, it brings people together, it shows unity. There is something special about the power of unity and everyone coming together. Furthermore, here in this video, the Hasidic Jews are singing Am Yisroel Chai in such an upbeat mood. How can you not get up and dance with them? The power of music is absolutely amazing!

Finally, this song is a statement that the Jewish People live on through all the difficulties they have had. Physically and spiritually we stand strong together. Plus who doesn’t like a good song and dance on the way to or from work?


The nation of Israel lives, our Father yet lives.

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