Never Before Seen Footage of New Uncovered Area Under Western Wall Plaza

by Leah Rosenberg

What is beneath the Western Wall Plaza? An entire world of Jewish history. And now you can see more of it with your own eyes!

Jewish History Under the Western Wall Plaza

There is so much underground in Israel; so much history. So much truth. People visit the Western Wall Plaza and walk around. They pray. They take in the spiritual air. But many don’t know how much is hidden beneath. The “Palestinians” and much of the world still try to deny the Jewish connection to Jerusalem and Israel. But then more archaeology comes up to show the world how wrong they are. More evidence proves the “Palestinian” lies to be just that – complete and utter lies.

The area in this video has just been opened up for people to see. This is new footage! Footage of a ritual bath used during the Temple times. We are talking about something that is thousands of years old – something that people can actually come and see for themselves. How can anyone deny this history? This truth? This reality?

The Jewish people are here to stay. They are in Israel to stay. The nation of Israel has been around for thousands of years. What makes the “Palestinians” and their supporters think that they are going to erase all of Jewish history? That is nonsense. They might try to continue to deny what is so obvious, but the obvious will continue to come back and bite them time and time again. There’s no competition.

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