Moments Before Teenage Female Muslim Terrorist Stabs Jewish Mother with Kids

by Leah Rosenberg

When a Muslim teenage female becomes a terrorist, something is wrong. She stabbed a Jewish woman who was taking her children to school. In the video below we see the female terrorist walk right next to the mother pushing the stroller moments before she stabs the innocent mother in the back.

Muslim Teenage Female Terrorist Stabs Innocent Israeli Woman

The husband revealed that he and his wife are personally acquainted with the 14-year-old Arab girl who is believed to have carried out the terrorist attack.

Dvir Cohen said he and his wife Moriah are neighbors of the suspect. “[The terrorist’s family] knows us,” Cohen told Hebrew language media. “They live right in front of us.”

According to Cohen, the suspect waited until his wife left their home to walk her children to school, and “closely followed her” for a significant distance.

Sadly, this is another sign that the Muslim terror against us is vicious and evil, and even takes place against Jewish neighbors.

Sadly, there have been many terror attacks against innocent Jews recently. These latest terror attacks have been carried out by Muslim religious leaders, teachers, and students. This further highlights the problem of the “Palestinian” education system! Not only does the world ignore this core problem, but the world also provides tremendous financial funding to the textbooks, teachers, and educational organizations that teach these Arab Muslim kids to hate Jews, kill Jews, and destroy Israel.

Here is a very important interview to explain more about funding terror:

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