Netanyahu Blasts Obama on the Way to Washington

by Phil Schneider

There may never have been a President of the United States who was as hostile to the State of Israel as Barack Obama was. True, there were other Presidents of the United States who gave Israel a hard time. But Barack Obama was in a different league. He was clearly dedicated – among other things – to arming Israel’s enemies to the teeth. And not just any of Israel’s enemies – but the main enemy that was hell-bent on literally destroying the State of Israel with a nuclear bomb.

Jimmy Carter – to this day, when he is well into his 90’s – does not have anything positive to say about the State of Israel. He engineered a Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel in 1979 that actually has brought a significant amount of stability on the Israel-Egypt border for decades. IT cost the life of the Egyptian leader, Sadat. And it also was roundly criticized by the successor of Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Shamir. However, Jimmy Carter seems to be viewed as a tough negotiator who managed to iron out the plan and succeed in getting both sides to sign. Of course, the United States gave Egypt and Israel major financial incentives to accomplish the Peace Treaty.

Since then though, Carter blames Israel’s expansionism for nearly anything that the Arabs do in the Middle East. But, he did not throw billions of dollars at Iran in what was called a “deal.” He was more talk than action on the Middle East. Obama talked a lot too, but he also threw Israel under the bus. Thank God, we won’t have to deal with him at the helm any more.

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