Should We Support a Two State Solution for France?

by Micha Gefen

While the video below is partly satire, the fact is it hits a deep chord.

The entire world is working off the assumption that the two-state solution is the only solution for the Israeli-“Palestinian” conflict. If thats the case, what would stop any of the large scale Muslim populations from creating situation where they win a large swath of a formerly non-Muslim country – like France.

France has a large Muslim minority that agitates for more autonomy. What would stop its Muslims from clamoring for more.

The fact is, just as France supports the so called Two State Solution for Israel, perhaps it is high time that we do the same for France. After all, its Muslim population deserves its full rights.

In fact, one can say that Franc’s Muslims are far more indigenous than today’s “Palestinians,” which only recently arrived in the Middle East.

Arab Incitement
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