Over Half of Americans Don’t Know What Auschwitz Is

by Phil Schneider

Auschwitz is the most well-known concentration and death camp in Poland that the Nazis set up in order to kill the Jewish people. It is not surprising that so many people don’t even know what it is. After all, modern history, in general, is a minor part of the syllabus of so many students in the United States today. And even so, how many people drop out of High School or don’t really listen when the word history comes up.

Most of the Jews who were killed in the Holocaust were not killed in Auschwitz. They were killed by killing squads marching throughout Eastern Poland and Russia. They were starved to death in ghettos and concentration camps, and killed with enormous brutality anywhere and everywhere that the Nazis trampled through. The difference between the Nazi threat then and the radical right-wing white supremacist threat today is that it is doubtful that State-sponsored terrorism will be dominated by white supremacists in today’s world.

The more serious threat today comes from the radical Islamic angle. It is not hard at all to imagine radical Islamists taking over a country in Europe or becoming an international state sponsor of terrorism like Iran has become. The main lessons to learn from the Holocaust and Auschwitz are that power and evil can lead to the destruction of millions and evil must be divorced from power – before it’s too late. As long as the evildoers of the world are exposed via extensive free speech, the power that they strive to achieve will never become a reality. The forces of good will be able to marshal all of their resources in time to contain, fight and ultimately squash, the evildoers that lurk in the world. The nature of mankind is not as strong as we may think it is. When the economics go down, people often become desperate and will latch on to anyone who promises a way out – even if it’s a white supremacist. The key is to expose the dangers of the white supremacists and the radical Islamists sufficiently so that nobody will want to get close to them no matter what the circumstance is.

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