The Day Naftali Bennett Silenced CNN

by Phil Schneider

CNN has a consistent record on the State of Israel. They are consistently anti-Israel. They have been for the last few decades. But the main CNN broadcaster who has been the most vicious is Christiane Amanpour. She is also a very talented journalist who knows her stuff. That is why it surprised so many people when Naftali Bennett handled her attacks in such an artful manner. This was when Naftali Bennett was a new and upcoming leader in the Israeli government. Today, Bennett is a veteran Member of Knesset who has already served as Minister of Education, Minister of Industry & Trade, and now Minister of Defense.

I love watching Christianne Ammanpour being put in her place by the now Minister of Education of Israel, Naftali Bennett. He clearly rejects what CNN’s anchor claims is axiomatic – that Israel is an occupier. This is one big lie. It is important to note that Israel is now poised to annexing the parts of the Land of Israel that Amanpour and CNN have falsely claimed for so long as “occupied territories.” Bennett so eloquently explains that you can’t occupy your own land. Of course, CNN and Amanpour treat as “axiomatic” attitudes that they have taken for so long. But the truth is that the Jewish claim to the land of Israel – that is disputed by many – is much stronger than any other claim. The Jordanian claim is probably the weakest of all. The British claim is as outdated as is the British Empire. So, the only claim is that of the Arabs who live there alongside hundreds of thousands of Jews. The historic claim of the Arabs is very weak, but the claim that over a million Arabs who live in the disputed area must be dealt with is much more serious. But, the first step in reaching a settlement is accepting as axiomatic that Judea and Samaria is Jewish land.

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