Netanyahu Answers The Biden Administration With This Simple Truth

by Micha Gefen

With the Biden administration doing everything in its power to reverse the Trump team’s advances in the Middle East, Prime Minister Netanyahu answers Secretary of State Blinken on the US policy change regarding the Golan Heights.

“The Golan Heights will remain Israel’s forever,” Netanyahu remarked after Blinken now appears to have reversed Trump’s changed in the territories status.

Netanyahu was responding to this statement by Blinken:

“Look, leaving aside the legalities of that question, as a practical matter, the Golan is very important to Israel’s security. As long as [dictator Bashar] Assad is in power in Syria, as long as Iran is present in Syria, militia groups backed by Iran, the Assad regime itself – all of these pose a significant security threat to Israel, and as a practical matter, the control of the Golan in that situation I think remains of real importance to Israel’s security.”

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