Israeli “settler” sets the record straight to a Leftist Jew

by Phil Schneider

Who are the spokespeople for what goes on in the State of Israel? There is one answer that should be clear, “It should not be people who live outside of the State of Israel.” Of course, their input is welcome and often very helpful. But, when Jewish spokespeople start criticizing the activities of the State of Israel without knowing much at all about what goes on in the Land, they need to take a step back and rethink their positions.

Their are certain narratives that exist about the State of Israel that are quite destructive. But more than they are destructive, they are patently false. Here is the most basic mistake about the Arabs who live in the State of Israel. Most of the Arabs – even the anti-Israel Arabs who live in the country – prefer to live under Israeli domination than in any other Arab country. Why? Plain and simple – they have it good.

The medical care that all people in the State of Israel – citizens and non-citizens – receive, is top of the line. That’s the law. A wealthy hi-tech entrepreneur will sit right next to a terrorist in an Israeli hospital when their wives give birth one door down from another. But it is not just the medical side. Even the roads and education across the State of Israel are far away better than in most Arab countries – for the Arab population.

The alternatives for the Arab population are a Syrian Civil War, a weak Lebanese government that has lost control of around 1/3 of the country to the Hizbullah, or a corrupt friendly dictatorship in Jordan. Most Arabs choose to stay put in the State of Israel. Human rights activists who are truly concerned about human rights would focus on China, women in Arab countries, and Africa. Israel is part of the solution to the rights of minorities, not part of the problem.

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