Must See: The Truck Convoy is Going to Bring Down Trudeau and Biden

by Phil Schneider

Will Justin Trudeau be able to hold on to power following the massive truck demonstrations? Many polls show that Canadians are fed up. They don’t want top-down authoritarians running their life. Now, in the United States, we are seeing the same impact cross the border into the United States. The people are speaking with semi-trailers. They want to move on. But the leadership of the Democrat Party is nervous that they are losing control.

The world is fed up with the restrictions on movement – especially people who spend all day driving trucks. Within the next year, even if the economy picks up – which seems unlikely – Biden will probably turn into a President without any power in Congress. The checks and balances of the United States system are working well as a President who has abused his mandate is now trying to swing the country’s policies way off the grid. If there is one value that unites people all across America of all stripes, colors and nationalities, it is freedom.

What Trudeau and Biden do not understand is that people who are constrained from living a free life will come out to vote en-masse. A government that overreaches in the West will not be in power very long. This is a true grassroots movement that will grow until people feel that they have restored their freedom.

Even those illegal immigrants who have been flooding into the United States under Biden’s watch will not want to live under leadership that will restrict their movement for no good reason. Oddly enough, it looks like it will be truckers, and not doctors, who will teach us how to move on in this world and start living with the pandemic, and not just cower in fear at home.

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