The Most Beautiful Natural Phenomenon You Will Ever See…and it’s Right from Judea

by Leah Rosenberg

There are many beautiful things about Judea. The media might not show those things to you, but you gotta see them. Including this.

Beauty from Judea

You probably have seen a rainbow before. It is not the most uncommon things. But what is uncommon is to see its origin and ending points. And where do you get to see this? Right from Judea!

Judea and Samaria are beautiful in general. The media may not show you the beauty of all the different communities here. Instead, they will focus on strife and struggle. People like to focus on the negative. The world calls these areas “occupied,” and claims that the Jewish people have no right to their own homeland; to a place called JUDEA.

But Jews will continue to live in this part of Israel. Because again, it is part of Israel. The communities of Judea and Samaria are part of the land that G-d gave to the Jewish people. And in that land, there are unique and beautiful things. Something like this rainbow is absolutely remarkable. Not only is a rainbow incredible to begin with, but it is not often, if ever, that someone can see the beginning and end of it! Being there in person must have been a site to remember forever.

There are many stunning and extraordinary things in the world, and everything comes from G-d. But when you see something that’s like this in the holy land itself, there is truly nothing like it. It takes on a whole new meaning.

Col. Kemp

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