Bill Maher Calls Out Canadian PM Trudeau for Sounding like Hitler

by Leah Rosenberg

Canadian PM Trudeau is out of control. The things that he is saying shows that he should not be the leader of Canada!

Canadian PM Crossed Every Line…Again

Justin Trudeau has really dug himself in a hole. What kind of leader of a free country makes comments like this? PM Trudeau is sounding like a barbaric dictator; like someone who does not belong in power. He is sounding like a complete extremist. The prime minister’s comments have been aimed toward the trucker protests that have caught on worldwide after starting in Canada.

How can the prime minister of a place like Canada make comments about unvaccinated people like, “They take up space…do we tolerate these people?” And he called them racist. Trudeau wants to take away personal freedoms, and then he claims that those who don’t listen to him are extremists and take up space. He doesn’t think they can or should have their own beliefs. That does NOT sound like things the leader of a free country should ever be saying. There is no turning back now. He has crossed every line. And if only that was all he did. But he has been a terrible prime minister; one that should no longer be in the government. Canadians have had enough of him. Even Liberals are calling out Trudeau.

Dr. Risch

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