Muslim youth finally get punished for mistreating the Temple Mount

by Gavriel Dan

Are things actually changing for Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount or are the police just cracking down on unruly Muslim youth? This is the question as police seem to be trying to reign in Muslim youth that insist on playing soccer on Judaism’s holiest spot, which is also seen as Islam’s third holiest place.

This has never happened before. While it seems small, it isn’t. While Jews and Christians have repeatedly been denied the ability to pray on the Temple Mount, Muslms not only pray freely, but their children can play soccer whenever they want.

That was until now, when an Israeli policman decided to confiscate a soccer ball. In a move that may not improve the situation for Jews and Christians on the Temple Mount, but will surely be seen as a first step to implementing order on what should be a location of tremendous reverence.

One serious question that has never been asked. “If the Temple Mount is so holy to Muslims, why were kids allowed to play it on the Temple Mount courtyeard? Surely, there are no soccer games allowed in Mecca.”

The fact is, up until recently the area surrounding the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa was not seen as holy by the Muslims. However, political considerations have moved them to claim the entire mount as an extension of both the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa as one interwoven compound and sanctuary.

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