What happened when an Israeli Arab doctor treated a Jewish IDF soldier?

by Leah Rosenberg

When an Israeli Arab doctor treated an IDF soldier who was injured by an Arab terrorist, peace happened. Friendship happened. Gratitude happened.

Israeli Arab Doctor Saves Jew

At Hassadah hospital, Israeli Arab doctor Ahmed Eid saved the life of a Jewish Israeli soldier named Chen Schwartz. Why? Because that is his job. There are Jews and Arabs who work at the hospital and who are treated at the hospital. They are right alongside each other. As the doctor said, “We are working for healing.” No one discriminates. And when Chen came in without a pulse after being shot by a terrorist, Ahmed and the doctors worked tirelessly to save him. And they did.

And as the soldier said, that is the beautiful thing about Israel! Arab doctors treating a Jewish patient. And Jewish doctors also treat Arab patients!

People Need to Know the Truth

People need to know the truth. People need to hear this story. Not only because it is miraculous that Chen’s life was saved, but because it is important for the world to know what type of country Israel is. There is no apartheid. There is no mistreatment of Arabs because they are Arabs. The Arabs in Israel are doctors, nurses, and anything else they want to be. How else would you have an Arab doctor treating and saving the life of a Jewish patient?

Spread this story. Let the world know. Ask what the BDS movement thinks about this. It is so important to share the truth about Israel. The truth is a strong weapon. Let’s use it.

Motivation for Terror
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