Israeli acapella band got everyone ready for Hanukkah

by Leah Rosenberg

Singing is a talent. Singing acapella is a whole other level! Check out this Israeli band singing for Hanukkah. You’ll definitely enjoy this video.

Acapella Band Sings for Hanukkah

This Hanukkah, an Israeli acapella band called Kippalive made a unique video. They sang a special Hanukkah song called “Al Hanissim,” but they included their families. Kippalive wanted to show how important and supportive their families are. And it made for a great Hanukkah music video!

The holidays are always a special time to spend with family. Hanukkah is an important family holiday. It is important to show children the continuity of the Jewish nation!

The Words

The words to this song come from a special prayer that Jews recite for Hanukkah and Purim in the Shemone Esray prayer as well as the Grace after Meals.

The transliteration: Al hanissim, v’al hapurkan, v’al hag’vurot v’al hat’tshuot v’al hamilchamot sh’asita lavoteinu bayamim hahem baz’man hazeh.
The translation (Courtesy of [We thank You] for the miracles, for the redemption, for the mighty deeds, for the saving acts, and for the wonders which You have wrought for our ancestors in those days, at this time.

We have to always thank G-d for everything He does for us. Everything is a miracle – big and small. Some miracles are more open and apparent, like the miracles of Hanukkah. But a tree growing from the ground is also miraculous! This Hanukkah, let’s make sure to thank G-d for all the blessings in our lives. You can never be too thankful to the One above!

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