Muslim Mother Forces Child to Spit on Israeli Flag at Pro-Israel Protest

by Leah Rosenberg

Why is it that when people peacefully stand with Israel at a Pro-Israel protest, haters have to come and act in such a disgusting way?

Antisemitism at a Pro-Israel Protest

How can there be peace when parents are teaching the next generation to hate? Take a look at what happened at a pro-Israel protest in Amsterdam. Look at the way the boy’s mother tells her child to go spit on the Israeli flag; on the Jewish flag. She encourages him! It is child abuse the way they educate their children to hate and disrespect others. How can anyone support a side that does such hateful things?

The Jewish people teach their children to love and make peace. They teach their children to not judge and to find what can be unifying between different people instead of what is dividing. And you can see here what the other side – whether it be Muslims or anyone that supports destroying the Jewish state – teaches their children. Such horrifying antisemitism. Seeing a video like this is absolutely disgusting.

Col. Kemp

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