Mayor of Bal Harbour, FL: The Honeymoon Period for the Jewish Diaspora is Over

by Leah Rosenberg

Talking about the Jewish diaspora in the diaspora makes some people get defensive. But here are some powerful words by a Jewish mayor.

Jewish Diaspora and Antisemitism

Wow, now THIS is a speech that every Jew has to hear. Gabriel Groisman is a Jew himself. So he can say these things. He can speak to his people like this about the Jewish Diaspora. Groisman knows. And everything he said in this speech is not said enough. The way the Jews have lost their roots and connections to their history; to their land.

Antisemitism used to not be spread so easily across the internet because there was no internet. There weren’t smartphones and there was no instagram. Facebook didn’t exist, and people didn’t have a search button at the tip of their fingers. But now that the internet exists and false information is spread so easily, antisemitism is also spread so easily.

Groisman is calling on Jews to unite. He is calling on Jews to realize that they cannot just go along feeling “comfortable.” Antisemitism always creeps its way in. And the only way to survive it is to stand strong; to stand side by side with our fellow Jews. To connect to our roots, our land, and our tradition.

Groisman is definitely right, but to go even further, maybe now is the time for Jews to come home to Israel. It is never going to be the “perfect” time. There will always be struggles. But the struggles of the diaspora are becoming more apparent. The antisemitism is beginning to blare louder and louder.

Please, Jewish people: Come home.

Dr. Risch

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