Arabs Attack Jews in Jerusalem’s Old City and Silwan Neighborhoods

by Micha Gefen

Arab violence is back now that the emerging coalition has proven that Arab violence pays. Last last week, Jews were attacked in both Jerusalem’s Old City and Silwan neighborhoods.

Both the Old City of Jerusalem and Silwan (known historically as Shiloach) had a majority of Jews until the Arab pogroms of the 1920s, 1930s, and the War for Independence in 1948, that saw Jerusalem split between Israel and Jordan, the latter occupying indigenous Jewish areas for 19 years before Israel liberated them in 1967.

While Jews have been living in these neighborhoods for centuries, the Arabs have done an excellent job convincing most of the world that the Jewish people are in fact colonizing Jerusalem. With the new government openly partnering with an Arab Islamist, it will be harder and harder to keep down growing Arab violence.

Worse than that, the left is entering the coalition and will do everything in its power to weaken Jewish sovereignty in key areas of Jerusalem. With uncertainty growing on how the new coalition will act to further Jewish interests, it is feared that Arabs will take advantage of the vacuum of power to spread chaos and fear.

New Israeli Prime Minister
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