The MSM Crowns Joe, But Donald Is Not Done Yet

by Micha Gefen

The MSM was quick to push the Joe Biden victory narrative. While they took pleasure in convincing those who believe in their media show that the presidential race is over, many swing state Republicans are not having it.

It is true, that Trump alone may not have the ability to push legal action that works forward, local officials in the legislatures of the states in question do.

I have no predictions to make other than that if the voter fraud was done in haste and evidence left about as it seems has happened, Trump’s legal battles from on high and state legislatures can cast the election in doubt.

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The ultimate irony is that Trump prevails; not by legal means, but rather by states such as Michigan, Georgia, and Washington refusing to certify their electors for the Electoral College, while the Supreme Court reverses Pennsylvania.

What would happen if this scenario, which appears to be in the beginning stages actually succeeds? The decision on who is president would move to the House of Representatives where each state delegation gets one vote thus giving Trump a second term.

How likely is this? No way to know, but already the Secretary of State of Georgia has sent investigators into Fulton Country where there were seeming problems. The Michigan Legislature has subpeoned officials. There is a recount meant to happen in Wisconsin and the Supreme Court is looking into Pennsylvania. This is all before the lawsuite, the Trump team plans on bringing tomorrow.

America may not like what these investigations find, but it appears that declaring Joe Biden the winner may yet prove to be premature.

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