Media Declaring Biden the Presidential Winner Way Premature

by Leah Rosenberg

Who is the Presidential winner? Maybe we don’t know yet. There are many factors and legal issues that must be dealt with before anything is official.

And the Presidential Winner is…

Trump? Biden? The Presidential winner is actually still unclear at the moment. Although many news outlets – Right wing and Left wing – have declared Joe Biden the official winner, that is not the case according to US law. There are many questions, in many states, that do not have answers yet.

President Trump wants everything to be legal. If Joe Biden wins legally, then that is what the American people want. But if the fraudulent votes are proved to be just that – fraud – then something needs to change. America has a democratic system that must be upheld. Voter fraud goes against the entire system that America was built upon.

Whichever candidate one supports, every American should want the system to be legal. Every American should want the president who wins LEGALLY to be the President of the United States.

Trump should not be getting backlash for not admitting defeat yet. Al Gore did not concede defeat in the elections in 2000 until Dec 13th, AFTER the legal recourse was completed. Why does the mainstream media treat President Trump differently? It is the right of every presidential candidate to win or lose legally. Trump is no different.

A Word from our Editor

The mainstream media wants us all to believe that Russia can rig a US election in 2016 but election fraud in the USA 2020 election is fake news and shouldn’t be reported on or investigated.

Well, as you can see here and here, with the headlines in the following screenshots officials in PA have been guilty of election fraud in the past, so why is it impossible now?

There are many credible allegations of fraud, irregularities and computer glitches.

President Trump has every right to go to court and fight to ensure all legal votes are counted to ensure that the true winner actually received the most legal votes.

For the sake of the integrity of the electoral process, ALL Americans should want these allegations to be investigated, to restore a level of trust in the election process.

I truly don’t understand people who are dismissing the claims of irregularities as fake news without any desire to investigate them for the sake of ensuring all Americans trust the process.

If they are false allegations then the investigations will confirm that. There should be nothing to hide if the allegations are false.

Transparency and trust should be the most important thing right now.

Let’s wait until the end of the legal battle. Maybe Biden will still be the winner. Maybe not :)))

Again, Al Gore did not concede to Bush in 2000 until Dec. 13th when the legal battle was over, so why have the mainstream media rushed to declare him President-elect?

The elected President won’t be officially announced until Dec. 14th after the Electoral College announcement. All media reports declaring Biden the President are premature. As Yogi Berra famously said “It’s not over until it’s over”.

As I keep on saying, the allegations must be investigated for the integrity of US elections. This is not just about the United States or who is elected President. The whole world looks up to the world’s oldest and biggest democracy. If trust in the integrity of US elections is gone, it can have damaging global repercussions as well.

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