More Israeli Arabs Than Ever Before are Joining the IDF – Here’s Why

by Leah Rosenberg

There is a lot to learn about Israeli Arabs. It is a video like this one that should get the world’s attention. Take a look!

Israeli Arabs in the IDF

The world really has it wrong about Israeli Arabs and how they are treated. People don’t realize that Arabs in Israel are doctors, lawyers, teachers, restaurant owners and more. They don’t realize that the Arab population even serves in the Israel Defense Forces!

It is not mandatory for them, but many choose to. And there is a reason. They want to serve their country. They want to serve the State of Israel. Many Arabs in Israel are grateful and appreciative for the lives they have living in the Jewish state. They know that they have opportunities they would not have elsewhere. Sadly, the communities of these brave Israeli Arabs do not always support them.

The world needs to see the Arab community in Israel in a different way. They need to realize that the Arabs are not living under apartheid nor are they being mistreated. The ones who mistreat them are their own communities sometimes, which is a sad reality. The truth needs to be told. Videos like this one need to be passed around college campuses to fight the lies of BDS. Everyone should see this!

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