DONALD TRUMP: “Afghanistan Was The Turning Point For America”

by Gavriel Dan

Former President Donald Trump sat down and spoke about his views on where America is going.

Limping forward from every disaster, the Biden administration has seemed to quickly transform America from a global leader to a country on retreat. No one has more to comment on this than former President Trump who believes that the turning point for America was the disastrous retreat from Afghanistan. Trump views that event as the single most pivotal moment for America and the one that opened its citizens’ eyes to just how bad the Biden administration is.

Trump also believes that America is heading towards communism. From rigged elections to censorship he believes America will eventually be like Venezuela.

With the January 6th Committee in congress attempting to paint the protest last year at the capital as an insurrection, more and more Americans appear ready to hand Democrats a serious defeat in the midterm elections. This maybe the last chance America has to keep itself from slipping away.

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