Melanie Phillips Explains Why She Left the Left

by Phil Schneider

Once she was a commentator who clearly was on the left side of the map. She was honest, critical, and very well-spoken. Now, she is perhaps known as the most eloquent and clear-headed thinker on the right in Great Britain. She takes bold stances on Brexit, PC culture, the State of Israel, and other hot-button issues. She never strays from the facts and stays above the fray through her intellect.

Nearly any clear-minded liberal from the 60’s and 70’s realizes today that the left has been hijacked by progressives. As opposed to standing up for people’s rights for freedoms, the left is filled with endless attempts to quash freedoms – especially freedom of speech.

For Melanie Phillips, this was too much to bear. The facts brought her to clear conclusions. She actually has not changed all that much. The world has changed around her, and much of the left has gone off the deep end. That is why she will – at times – be critical of things she sees on the right side of the map too. But, all in all, her litmus test on any issue is the facts. Wherever the facts lead her – that is where she ends up. She is a breath of fresh air in a world of PC non-fact oriented culture.

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