Supreme Court Usurps Legislative Powers to Assist Coup to Topple Netanyahu

by Avi Abelow

Israel’s Supreme Court just hit another nail in the coffin destroying the separation of powers in Israel, further taking control away from Israel’s parliament, ignoring an actual law passed by Israel’s parliament back in 2016.

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Israel’s justice system proved again today that it is not a neutral arbitrator of justice but a political player assisting the Israeli left. But today it took a step too far, actually ignoring a written law!

Even though a law passed in 2016 states the Speaker of the House can be voted on until a new government is formed, the Blue & White Party petitioned Israel’s Supreme Court to force a vote now, even before a government is formed. Blue & White are interested in forcing this vote in order to take over the speakership and push through a number of bills to forbid Benjamin Netanyahu from being able to serve as Prime Minister. The Supreme Court just handed down a decision forcing the current speaker to hold the vote within two days, basically ignoring the actual law, and assisting Blue & White to topple Netanyahu.

One of the Supreme Courts claims is that Parliament can not ignore the importance of a parliament’s majority voice, referring to the 61 votes Blue & White claim to have to vote for a new speaker. The irony is that the Supreme Court always disregards parliaments majority votes, negating laws passed by Parliament! 

Even former Labor party Minister Chaim Ramon calls out this hypocrisy: “I congratulate the Supreme Court for finally stating that a majority vote of 61 is holy, because up until now they never even gave credence to majority votes of 80”

Current Tourism Minister of Likud Yariv Levin strongly attacked today’s Supreme Court ruling saying: “the Court has officially taken over the Knesset, and as of today, the High Court has turned the Speaker of the Knesset into a rubber stamp, with the Knesset and the plenary being presided over by the justices. There is no such thing in any other democracy”

This judicial overreach in Israel is coming to a boiling point. Let’s see how things develop from here. 

Israel needs a strong independent justice system, but not one that usurps the powers of the executive and legislative.

Let’s see where things go from here.

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